Take it easy chicken


Chapter 16

June 12th 1996

Time to get out of Cardiff for a few days. These last few weeks have been a rickety ride of highs and lows with no stability and no direction. Its time for some self-analysis, future planning and some grown up help.

Am at Mam and Dad’s in Llanfair. R&R. TLC. Home comforts. Hiraeth.

Sleep beckons in my teenage loft room with all my old Grunge and Metal posters full up of shepherds pie and trifle. It smells safe, sounds safe. I am safe.

June 13th 1996

Woke up to bleating sheep, the soundtrack to my childhood. Looked out of the sunny window to see the familiar intimidation of the Quarry that is our back garden. I am glad to see that the massive CND sign daubed on its peak is still visible despite the extreme North Walian weather.

Today though is a beautiful June day. Full of  hope.

This morning will be spent chilling down Llanfair beach in the sun with my lovely sisters and bro. Then, later, the plan is to catch up with some old mates in town for beers and memories. Lots of relaxing and reflecting. But also, time to face the future. Make plans for the summer and then for the rest of my life. Shit – on that note I am off to bury my head in the sand.


What a fantastic day. This place is stunning when the sun shines. Dramatic mountains, blue sea and fabulous company. Had beers on the beach and deliberated my future path with my, wiser than their years, little sisters and my crazy yet honest bro. All think I need to spend the summer in Cardiff, all think I need to lay off the men. Definitely maybe.

Off out to Banging Bangor tonight to catch up with past school friends. No plans apart from an early start in Skerries. The ultimate old man pub complete with a drunken landlord, excellent but underused jukebox and the cheapest drinks in North Wales….probably.

Too late to even care……

I have no idea what time it is. The house is so quiet and I am sooooooooooo drunk. A ridiculous volume of alcohol was consumed of every size and shape. But we had a bloody blast. Pub crawled our way around Bangor City, ended up in The Old Glan which was pretty shite so stumbled up the hill to Upper Bangor. Spent a fuzzy few hours in the Glob, singing badly and then onto Pen y Bonc.

The drink had obviously made us nostalgic for our teenage past so, armed with cans of Coke and bottles of vodka, we muddled our way to that infamous mini hill of grass. Pen y Bonc.

It was here that many of us had our first after binge vom, our first drunken grope. Such a glamorous location. I recounted how Maisie and I had stalked Gruff Rhys from the Super Furries around Upper Bangor until he’d sat on a bench and smoked a dubious roly. We had watched from afar until he got up and left, when we duly relit his discarded stump. Standards.

Anyway, here we sat on this warm June evening, reminiscing through the medium of drink.

LlanfairfechanIt was a perfect summer’s evening and it made me feel special and lucky. I haven’t felt special and lucky for a while.  This weekend up north has worked its magic and I feel ready to face whatever is around the corner post Uni and in the aftermath of Him.

Bring it on I am ready. Well, I will be tomorrow morning.

Diolch i/thanks to Lowri Griffiths for the pic;)

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