Oh yeah


Chapter 11

May 2nd 1996

I have had an amazing couple of days. 48 hours of good, happy happenings. It all started yesterday when I went on a mega shop in town. Had the best fun with Harry and threw caution to the wind and spent an awful lot of what I haven’t got. But what the hell. It’s my birthday in 5 days and I need a new me.

Therefore it is a big ‘Hello’ the best platform sandals you have ever seen. EVER. Even Harry agreed with me and our taste in clothes can be poles apart. THE MOST FABULOUS SHOES EVER!!!! And they are mine.

Then I managed to persuade Harry to go out for a few drinks in the Union. There was a new indie club night in the Terminal called BIG. We gave it a whirl but it was shit to be completely honest. Empty and atmospheric. Even the cool tunes couldn’t make it happen. So, we gave up and popped next door to the faithful Taf instead. We had such a laugh and got on so well. Again, I am reminded of how valuable my friendships are. It is so brilliant to be able to have the time to spend with these lovely people.

We had a few drinks, we giggled and we gossiped and then we spotted Dead Man from the other night. He was certainly alive tonight. On fire in fact. We couldn’t take our eyes off him. Our gawping must have been less than subtle as his mate came over and insisted on introducing us to him. He was genuinely grateful for our help and insisted gallantly to buy us a few drinks. An offer we were more than happy to accept.

Bloody hell, he was nice. As we got chatting there was definitely something between us and our body language was letting us both know the score. We detached ourselves from the rest of the group and spent the rest of the evening flirting outrageously with each other. This man was ridiculously stunning, well out of my league but I was enjoying every second of his attention. When Harry finally waved and over dramatically winked her non-subtle farewell, it became inevitable where myself and Tom were heading.

I have just got back from his now. We had fun, he was so beautiful to look at and I am thrilled that he was interested in me.  But, if I am completely honest the packaging was slightly misleading. I expected Brad, he was more like Garth. Maybe when you look like that you expect it to be all about you. Ten out of ten for presentation, 2 out of ten for effort.

He also had a poster of Pamela Anderson on his wall in her Baywatch costume. Again, disappointing.

Harry succinctly put her opinion to me as I sheepishly returned. “Top pull.” I enjoyed telling her the truth.

Still – a great couple of days of healing my soul.

Pamela Anderson

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