Slip inside the eye of your mind


Chapter 4

19th March 1996

Cardiff was mental busy yesterday in anticipation of the Oasis gig. Bus loads of Liam and Noel clones, partnered with eager girls, littered the streets. It was like some sort of shaggy haired riot. From about 2pm the pubs and bars were over spilling with attitude. Reminiscent of a national rugby match day but far less friendly. A crowd fuelled by anger and cocaine rather than hope and real ale.

We had bought our tickets months ago, carried away with the hype and general we’ve-got-to-be-there of it all. The biggest band in the UK playing on our doorstep. How could we resist? Oasis are, by now, absolutely massive. And everywhere. Every night in the Taf there is an unintentional Oasis half hour when all the jukebox choices are played together. These days this evokes groans from the locals who long for fresh sounds. I must admit I haven’t ever felt the need to buy the singles but I still enjoy a ‘Live Forever’ or ‘Rock n’ Roll Star’ moment in Metros or Fun Factory. Who doesn’t?

Anyway, controversially , I wasn’t that bothered about going to the gig yesterday unlike the rest of town.

We went to the Rummer to have a few pre-gig drinks, just the two of us. A rare outing together during these busy times. Drinking in the afternoon is always such a treat even as a student. It always feels decadent and a bit rock ‘n’ roll. Even though we may often have the time and lack of responsibility we very rarely have the funds to sit in a pub all day. This unusual moment of indulgence was planned because we knew that the chances of getting drunk at the gig were minimal.  The queues were infamous at the C.I.A. bar and it was always best to get a head start elsewhere.

So there we were. And we were getting along really well both having our own projects and social circles to chat about. No animosity, no jealousy. Little echoes of our first few months together. There was a reason I did love Him once. We were making our way through the no-turning back third pint when we realised that more and more people were entering the pub shouting for spare tickets. Before that third pint had been finished 3 separate individuals , each in varying states of desperation, were asking for “Any spare tickets?”

We were definitely on the same wavelength today and both had the same thought at the same time.  Off He went to find one of the shouters. We ended up being at the centre of a fierce bidding war involving at least 3 different cultures and lots of nonverbal communication. It was great fun and we were more than happy to part with our tickets for the cash price of £130. The smug yet strange winner of the Oasis ticket battle was a scruffy, middle-aged Geordie. As a parting gesture, with the tickets in his hand, he looked Him straight in the eye and quoted, “Slip inside the eye of your mind, Don’t you know you might find a better place to play.” This was done without humour.

We were well chuffed and planned on spending most of our winnings on Stella in the Student Union, we’d be listening to Oasis in there anyway. I have no idea how many beers we drank, or how many cigarettes we smoked but I know that this morning’s hangover was monumental. We both had a laugh together and there were no cross words. Nothing serious was discussed but that is what made the night special. I did not think we could be like this ever again and it has given me some sort of hope for the future. Maybe I was a bit rash with my previous decision making? Maybe we can be happy ever after? Maybe the demons have gone? All I know is how I feel right now.  I feel happy having spent an evening with Him just having fun with no stress. I have no regrets about selling those tickets either but I wonder if I will feel the same in thirty years time?


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