“Vampires who pretend to be humans pretending to be vampires.” “How avant-garde.”

Interview with a Vampire

8th January 1996   CHAPTER 1


I have just rescued my new diary from the bin. It was unceremoniously dumped there yesterday by Him before I even had a chance to scrawl over its inviting new pages. He has been forgiven and has assured me that He will not interfere with my beautiful book again. Although, as you can see above, He has already left His mark.  In blood red.

Anyway, as the cliché goes, today is a new day. Following the well-rehearsed formula of every previous lovers’ tiff, row, argument, fight, the morning after is not a period of reflection and change. It is instead a time of surly ‘sorry’s’ and of burying any unresolved resentment.  Never mind, let’s brush it all off and start again. All is forgiven and no, we won’t let it happen again, and, of course, I love you too. Any doubts we both have are masked with a desperate, unhealthy need for each other.

But, back to today, a crisp, promising January day where the new year enthusiasm has yet to fade. Today I managed everything on my to do list,

  • Apply for job at Jones the Bootmakers.
  • Apply for job at Howell’s toy department – this is the preferred job.  I keep on fantasizing about all the Barbies and the fancy dress costumes.
  • Prep myself for Big, Important Project Meeting tomorrow at uni – this was actually an enjoyable task and I am surprised by how much I already know  from my lectures. Some of that stuff actually went into my lager soaked brain without me really trying. Amazing. I am slightly nervous about the B.I.P though as it involves working as part of a team, with people I don’t know. I am not great at making new friends.
  • Bought myself a jumper from New Look.  So this wasn’t necessarily on my list but buying clothes is always in my conscience somewhere , especially if said item was half price in the sale.  It will look great with my jeans and my Adidas Gazelles.  I will be Louise Wener.

Also, had a fantastic girly night tonight as He was studying for an upcoming Archeology exam.  Maisie came over after accompanying me around town as she is feeling rather low due to college course uncertainty.  Her adoring boyfriend, Rhys, is away with work so it was the perfect excuse for some giggling,  pizza and Interview with a Vampire.  I Love Maisie.Adidas Gazelles

So here I am on the brink of a new start at Uni, with a proactive day behind me feeling fantastically positive.  Shine on ’96.

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